Telluride offers world-class off-road adventures thanks to our mining history and today’s rugged terrain. Our roads head high up into the San Juan Mountains taking riders to beautiful and secluded destinations.

You’ll travel to ghost towns, lakes and waterfalls, mining ruins, all while enjoying the stunning mountain vistas from your jeep. Whether you want to take the wheel on your self-guided 4×4 excursion or trust our local professionals to take you into the mountains, a jeep tour is a must-do for anyone visiting Telluride!

Plan to tour the most popular route: Imogene Pass, a 17-mile unpaved road, which connects Telluride and Ouray. Your first stop will be the Town of Tomboy which won’t look like much now but was the happening town for mining in the late 1800s. At its peak, Imogene Pass reaches 13,114 feet and you can either head back down into Telluride or continue on to Ouray which is about 10 miles from the summit.

For a more scenic off-road venture we recommend Last Dollar Road. At 21 miles, you’ll have amazing views of Colorado wildflowers, mountain ranges, and is the perfect road to experience our beautiful fall foliage.