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Telluride Colorado Vacation Homes

The Overlook at Telluride lives up to its name by providing unrivaled views of the Town of Telluride and surrounding area. Bear Creek in all its cathedral glory provides an uncanny play of shadow and light from morning until night, spring, summer, fall, and winter. The twilight and sunset views of the end of the canyon are spectacular and the night view of town and the ski area are unparalleled.


The Overlook homesites connect via a trail system to the sun drenched bench perched above the homesites providing the neighborhoods namesake, “The Overlook”.  This Overlook is designated open space to be enjoyed by all. The trail system continues connecting with West Galena and the labyrinth of hillside trails.


The Overlook is the fruit of many years of efforts by property owners and community members alike. The hillside master plan was first envisioned in the 1970s and through the years evolved into a well-balanced plan clustering the building sites in the most desirable and accessible area. This allowed the remainder of the land including the spectacular Overlook bench to become dedicated open space for generations to enjoy.