Disk Golf

Two woman playing disc golf

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado

Disk golf is a unique combination of Frisbee and basketball where the goal of the game is to throw the disc at a chain basket and beat the competition by having the least amount of throws to the target.

Like traditional golf, each time the disc is thrown is counted as a point/stroke and if the disc is thrown out of bounds it’s counted as a one stroke penalty. Each hole has a par as well with most holes being a three or four par.

It’s easy to pick up disc golf in Telluride as Mountain Village offers a free 18-hole course to play on! The course is right across from the Town Hall Plaza and is open daily from 7 a.m. to sunset during the summer months. Rental equipment is available at the Boot Doctors.

The Town Park disc golf course is 9 holes and runs around the perimeter of the park, up to Firecracker Hill, and ending near the lower Bear Creek waterfall. The Town Park course is also free but uses natural objects as targets, such as a telephone pole, rocks, or fences.

Please observe the designated tee areas and throw only when the course is clear. Wait for your group to finish that round of throws before moving off to your next one. Please also be considerate of other players and homes adjacent to the course.

View the Mountain Village disc golf course map and scorecard online http://www.visittelluride.com/uploads/1435171405078878c0.pdf.