Fly Fishing

Man fly fishing on river

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado

With an abundant network of streams and rivers in the greater Telluride region you will find fishing that can challenge experts and entertain beginning enthusiasts. From the Gold Medal Dolores River to the easily accessible San Miguel River, there is a fishing adventure for everyone.

A local guide or tour group can teach you more about Telluride’s lakes, ponds, and waterways, as well as the fish that swim in these waters. Guides can also provide more information on Colorado’s fishing regulations, including catch-and-release laws and possession limits.

A Colorado fishing license is required and can easily be purchased at many sporting goods stores. For catch-and-release compliance, you can purchase barbless flies or use other bait.

Telluride is home to many fishing outfitters like Telluride Outside, Telluride Fly Fishers & Rafting, San Miguel Anglers, Telluride Outfitters, and more. Most outfitters operate around the seasonality of the runoff, which can start in late February with pre-runooff and then the real runoff lasts through late June. Dry-dropper fishing is popular July through mid-September and the water is wadeable in the fall months, September through early November.

Watch this highlight reel from Telluride Outside to see what a fishing adventure is like in Colorado:

Telluride’s rivers are perfect for new fishers and seasoned anglers, where you can try casting into well-known trout destinations or more fluid water where you’ll need to be more clever with your casting. The trout in the San Miguel average about 12” and many have been measured at 18+”.

Prepare for your trip with these educational videos on how to cast so you can refine your technique on the river.