Dog Sledding

Couple being pulled by dogs on a dog sled

Winter Activities in Telluride, Colorado

Want to see Telluride’s backcountry trails along the San Juan and Uncompahgre National Forests in a new way? Try dog sledding in Telluride! This fun adventure has been wowing visitors since 1993, when Wintermoon Sled Dog Adventures opened. With its team of Alaskan huskies, you’ll experience a thrilling ride through our snow-covered trails. The huskies are bred to be smaller and faster than a Siberian husky and during your tour you’ll learn about mushing, racing, and these impressive canines.

Tours begin in the morning and end a little after noon. Reservations are required and it’s highly recommended to wear warm layers, bring hand warmers, and wear warm boots. You may also wish to bring your phone or camera to capture photos of this unique journey through Telluride.

Children are allowed on tours and the sled dogs grow up around children so they’re very kid-friendly. The sleds accommodate two adults and a guide, so it’s recommended to call them directly if you have children in your group so they can rearrange.

Visit their website or call 970-729-0058 for more information on tours or to reserve your dog sledding adventure.