Fat Bike Riding

Winter Activities in Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a world renowned destination for Mountain biking and now with the increased availability and popularity of Fat Bikes you can enjoy year-round bike riding in Telluride with big tire bike rides. From easy beginner rides on the Telluride Valley Floor to more technical terrain, the biking opportunities in Telluride are no longer limited to the summer months.

These Fat Bikes have tires that are nearly five inches wide and offer better traction than regular bike tires. These big tire rides are a great way to enjoy Telluride’s outdoors for any age or ability level. Certain tours are customizable to match participants’ comfort levels, ranging from easy rides through snowy fields to alpine climbs. These tires are designed to handle any terrain and can navigate snow, mud, and streams with ease.

These tires were designed in Alaska to help bike previously terrain that would be difficult to bike once the snow hits the ground. This type of snow biking has grown in popularity in Colorado as well as in Minnesota but with Colorado’s plentiful mountains and ski resorts, these types of hills become the perfect playground for bikers.

You’ll want to dress for the cooler weather but pack a few summer essentials such as sunglasses or ski goggles to protect your eyes from the sun’s reflection on the snow and from the wind. You’ll also want to bring a light backpack with water as it’s very important to stay hydrated at Telluride’s higher elevation, especially when doing some type of physical activity. Most often, you can get a helmet and goggles with your bike tour.

Several local shops offer rentals, sales, and tours of Fat Bikes. Tours from The Telluride Brewing Company offer tours ending with a tasting at the brewery or you can opt for the family tour which ends with hot chocolate and snacks. Tour costs begin around $99 per person and can vary depending on the length of your adventure. We recommend starting with a guided tour to get a real feel for the sport before renting a fat tire bike and heading out to the slopes on your own.