Public Benefits

Telluride, CO Real Estate

In connection with the Overlook Planned Unit Development (PUD), which seeks variations to some of the dimensional requirements of the HD2 zone (lot size, frontage, width, setbacks) the Applicant proposed and has fulfilled the following as its public benefits.


  • Conveyance of Open Space. Convey 142,910 sf of public open space to the Town, roughly 46% of the total area of the subdivision.
  • Construction of Public Trail. Design, install and construct a the public pedestrian foot trail, which would be located on the public open space.
  • Conveyance of Outlot One. Convey Outlot One to the Town, which the Town can use and incorporate in potential future development of the Town’s land holdings in Block 7 and 8, East Telluride Addition. Ownership of Outlot One will enable the Town to seek the vacation of Columbine road and include the entirety of the vacated ROW into a future development plan that the town may elect to pursue.
  • Use of Primrose Lane Extension Improvements; Waiver of Reimbursements. Not seek reimbursement from the Town for costs incurred for the design and construction of Primrose Lane Extension Improvements should the Town elect to develop its property located in Block 7 and 8, East Telluride Addition and use the Use of Primrose Lane Extension Improvements for access. This waiver of reimbursements will not include utility extensions required by the Town for development of its land, nor would it include a waiver of future maintenance and repair costs of the Primrose Lane Extension Improvements, including winter maintenance.
  • Development of a Plan that Complies with the Hillside Master Plan and HD-2 Zone. A development plan that complies with the Hillside Master Plan and HD-2 Zone and includes provisions that encourage the type of design elements that have been incorporated in the development plan, many of which can only be achieved with a PUD.

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