Aldasoro Ranch

Telluride, CO Neighborhood

It is easy to see why so many people come to live in Telluride. View more about the Aldasoro Ranch neighborhood! Aldasoro Ranch offers spectacular mountain views, miles of green meadows, forested hillsides, sunny southern exposures and the utmost privacy and tranquility. This provides distinctive homes and single-family home sites ranging from about one to six acres. Select parcels may also be combined.

View Currently Available Aldasoro Ranch Homes & Lots

  • Total Acres – 1,515
  • Total Home Sites – 161
  • Utilities Available To Each Lot –  Water, Sewer, Power, Natural Gas, Telephone, Cable TV
  • Roads – All roads in the Aldasoro Ranch are paved.
  • Building Restriction, Sites, Size and Height – Most lots have a 35’ height restriction and a 60 foot building site radius. Selected lots have a 25 foot absolute height restriction, these lots have a 75 foot radius. All home site locations are controlled by the D.R.B. and any variance or alteration must be approved.
  • Trails –  Anyone is allowed on the public loop trail for hiking or biking, which begins and ends at the new public loop trailhead parking area west of the Airport Entrance in Open Space called the “Breckenridge Trail”.  Only Aldasoro Owners and their accompanied guests are welcome on the private trails, and fishing pond.  

More information can be found from the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company.

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