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Deep Creek Mesa

Telluride Neighborhood Market Report

Looking for a Telluride, Colorado property? First, let’s define Deep Creek Mesa properties of course the Aldasoro Ranch subdivision, Sunnyside, Last Dollar Subdivision, Meadows at Deep Creek Mesa, Deep Creek Ranches, Diamond Ranch, Aldasoro Ranch, Golden Ledge and Grey Head.

Deep Creek Mesa has southern exposure, sun and spectacular views of the Wilson Range (San Miguel Mountains) the Ski Area, Town of Telluride, Ilium Valley, the San Sophia Ridge and Grey Head. Truly 360 degree views. Deep Creek Mesa has been a very popular residential area because of the sun, views and wildlife.

Like most real estate markets in the US and the Telluride area in particular, Deep Creek Mesa is waking up from a recession slumber. In general the residential improved properties have had some more activity than the vacant land parcels, this is probably due to the fact that because of the recession many improved residential properties have been offered for sale at or below replacement cost. Some of the most notable of the last two years sales are of course Pagomo in Grey Head for $13,200,000 and 387 Two Creeks Drive in Sunnyside for $6,150,000.

Most likely as soon as some of the lower valued (about a handful) improved properties sell or contract vacant land will start picking up again. The following I see as a good value for this summer’s sales season:

Improved Properties:

  • 335 Old Toll Road ● Ask Price $2,799,000 ● MLS #30516 ● 4 bed ● 4 bath ● 5,686 SQFT ● 4.21 Acres
  • 55 Old Toll Road ● Ask Price $2,395,000 ● MLS #30628 ● 5 bed ● 3.5 bath ● 4,244 SQFT ● 3.37 Acres
  • The above two properties are located in the Meadows at Deep Creek Mesa Subdivision, no transfer tax, Dogs are allowed, both have a fireplace or wood burner, free cable TV, Internet and phone.
  • 217 E Serapio Drive ● Ask Price $2,259,000 ● MLS #25064 ● 5 bed ● 4.5 bath ● 5,018 SQFT ● 3.4 Acres
  • 106 Miguel Road ● Ask Price $3,100,000 ● MLS #30217 ● 5 bed ● 5 bath ● 6,335 SQFT ● 3.08 Acres
  • 209 Aldasoro Road ● Ask Price $2,475,000 ● MLS #30922 ● 5 bed ● 5.5 bath ● 5,498 SQFT ● 2.77 Acres

Vacant Land:

  • Aldasoro Lot 105, TBD Basque Road ● Ask Price $630,000 ● MLS #30462 ● 1.8 Acres
  • Aldasoro Lot 103, 305 Basque Road ● Ask Price $595,000 ● MLS #29903 ● 4.54 Acres
  • Meadows at Deep Creek Mesa Lot 6, TBD Old Toll Road ● Ask Price $599,000 ● MLS #31350 ● 4.3 Acres
  • Aldasoro Lot 45, TBD Aldasoro BLVD ● Ask Price $549,000 ● MLS #27503 ● 2.12 Acres
  • Aldasoro Lot 51, 109 Aguirre Road ● Ask Price $619,900 ● MLS #30981 ● 2.77 Acres

35 Acre Parcels:

Golden Ledge, Parcel #6, TBD Three Sisters Way ● Ask Price $1,695,000 ● MLS #31497 ● 35 Acres
The seller wants this property gone this summer, bring offers.

I hope this gives a good market overview for Deep Creek Mesa. If you want views, sun and elk please take a tour of Deep Creek Mesa.

Downtown Telluride

Commercial Properties in Downtown Telluride

Telluride Market Report

A recent sale and a few contracts in this small but significant Telluride commerical real estate market seem to be signaling a change from the lows that were set during the recent recession.

First the good news, and then an analysis of the low sales during the recession. The sale of the Red Brick Condominiums building located at 209 E. Colorado Avenue for $4,500,000 showed market strength for a quality product. This building consisted of two roughly one thousand square foot commercial spaces, a deed-restricted studio apartment, and a 3,300 square foot, 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom, luxury penthouse with a large deck. The penthouse was the only unit being offered for sale for $3,300,000. The buyer liked the whole building and wanted to control what was happening below them, and they made an offer to buy the whole building.

Another quality project that just contracted and is scheduled to close in the beginning of December is Ray Messier’s building on South Fir Street listed for $5,600,000. This 4 bedroom, 4 full-bathrooms, 3 half-bathrooms, 4,614 square foot building again demonstrates market rebound and quality sells.

Two other contracts worth noting are the lease-purchase of the Telluride Times Building with asking price $3,183,000, scheduled to close the end of 2013; and the smaller commercial Wasatch II unit listed at $395,000 that contracted within one week of being offered for sale.

The commercial market has to overcome some low, low, recession sales such as the Emporium Building on the corner of Colorado Avenue and North Fir St. It has 4 stories (including basement) and a total of 13,500 square feet. This sale occurred in September 2010 for $3,175,000 or $552 per square foot. The sale of Community Banks’ property (the Old Honga’s Restaurant) on South Oak Street sold together with a development parcel on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Aspen Street for only $3,175,000. This was owned by the FDIC. Other note-worthy low sales were the Bookstore and HUB spaces in the old Pekkarine Building that sold for $394 and $372 per square foot respectively. There were very low prices for strictly retail, main-level, commercial spaces.

As far as listings go, there are not too many commercial properties offered for sale. The only whole-building currently offered on Main Street is the historic Mahr Building listed for $2,749,000 with 3,676 square feet. This is a two story building with expansion potential. Two other whole-buildings are offered for sale on South Oak St: the historic Dahl House, 3,065 square feet listed for $1,394,575; and the old Blue Point Restaurant Building, 4,855 square feet offered at $3,995,000. As far as currently listed properties, I see the Mahr Building and the Dahl House as very well positioned in the market.

Attached also is a market analysis for your review.

Sincerely Yours,

Dirk de Pagter
Managing Broker
Telluride Real Estate Brokers, Inc

Telluride Real Estate Market Update

Positive Changes Coming to Telluride

Not unlike the rest of the nation’s real estate market, some pain is being felt by sellers in the Telluride region. Many however are becoming more realistic with asking prices. The most difficult segments of course are bank-owned or about to be bank-owned properties that are being sold at very deep discounts. These deep discounts have created havoc for the appraisers in the region, and not helped new buyers that require financing on more conventional transactions. For cash or high equity buyers however there has rarely been a better time than this to, with patience and persistence, find exceptional value. We anticipate for 2011 that absorption of the better priced and positioned (remember location, location, location) properties to pick up some steam when buyers see the better properties disappearing and realize these opportunities will not last forever. Contact Telluride Real Estate Brokers if you’re looking for ski homes for sale Telluride!

Telluride mountain views

2008 Real Estate Numbers

Telluride Real Estate Impact

As reported by Telluride Consulting, the 2008 real estate sales have slowed significantly. The 2007’s record volume of over $750 million was reduced by roughly 50% last year to $339.2 million with 338 transactions, reflecting a dollar sales volume more inline with the first few years of the decade. Although the market slow down throughout the nation has been coupled with significant price reductions, Telluride regional prices seem to be lower, but holding steady. For example, the average transaction in 2003 was valued at $579,000, while the average transaction in 2008 valued over $1,000,000 per transaction; this is down from 2007 when the average value was $1,200,000 per transaction, roughly a 16% drop. It is difficult to pinpoint the reasons for this, but factors that contribute are Telluride properties are purchased with more personal discretionary funds and at higher personal equity levels. Most loans, if there are loans, have a low loan to value ratio, and sub-prime loans are almost non-existent. Having analyzed and followed the Telluride real estate market for more than thirty years, this is a significant market slowdown that creates buying opportunities particularly of homes and other properties built for speculation that developers and builders are willing to sell at a discount. But quality properties, as usual, still come at a premium price. For more information on property for sale in Telluride, CO, contact us today!