Summer Activities

Telluride, Colorado Recreation

Telluride is regarded as an all-season town, but things really heat up with our Telluride summer activities. Our mountain climate is perfect for hikers, bikers, and rock climbers. There are many family-friendly activities and things to do with little Telluride residents, from easier hiking trails to the town’s recreational sports.

Exploring our rugged terrain isn’t the only way to have fun in the summer as we have a variety of water sports and adventures. From fly fishing to whitewater rafting down the San Miguel River, Dolores River, or the Specie and Deep Creeks, you can enjoy the Telluride summer lifestyle on dry land or roaring down the river. Read more about each below!

Man fly fishing on river

Fly Fishing

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado With an abundant network of streams and rivers in the greater Telluride region you will ...
Closeup of feet walking through forest trail

Trail Running

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado Much like Telluride’s hiking opportunites, there’s a plethora of running trails each with its own ...
Woman rock climbing

Rock Climbing

The San Juan Mountain’s jagged rock face and expansive peaks create a nature jungle gym for both novice and expert ...
Four people on raft going down a river


Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado One of the most popular activities in the summer in Telluride is whitewater rafting as ...
Man hiking up mountain trail


Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado Situated at the end of a magical box canyon, located high in the San Juan ...
Closeup of golfball on green grass


Opened in 1992, the Telluride Golf Club offers 18 holes of golf surrounded by the highest concentration of 14,000 ft ...
Two woman playing disc golf

Disk Golf

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado Disk golf is a unique combination of Frisbee and basketball where the goal of the ...
Town Sports

Town Sports

Summer Activities in Telluride, Colorado Our athletic visitors enjoy the assortment of court sports available through the Town of Telluride’s ...
Couple in tent


Colorado is a wonderful state to enjoy backpacking and camping and the San Juan Mountains are an ideal location for ...
Biking in Telluride


Telluride is quickly rising in the ranks as a world-class mountain biking destination, where dozens of trails for all ability ...